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Objective Validation of Usable Designs
PLEASE NOTE Usability test documents contain proprietary information and are unavailable online. Please schedule an interview to review examples of usability testing artifacts.
Bank of America I conducted extended usability tests on proposed enhancements for Bank of America's online banking site. This assignment required me to quickly develop a comprehensive understanding of the site and its functionality, as well as understanding many underlying banking principles and practices. Tests were conducted in a semi-formal environment using non-technical Bank of America employees as test subjects.
  Test Plan
Test Scripts
Test Facilitation
Test Report

Objectives, strategies, tactics, logistics for tests
Includes tools for collecting and analyzing results
Provide non-biased structure and comfort for test participants
Collated results, analysis, and recommendations

Janus I conducted quick usability tests on planned enhancements to the Janus investors' site. This was a tightly focus effort to evaluate a limited number of specific features. Tests were conducted in a formal environment using professionally recruited test subjects.
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