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Product Manager at Workspeed, Inc.
Experience I served as Product Manager at Workspeed, Inc. from July 2001 through September 2002.

Workspeed is an application service provider (ASP), delivering property management software used by large office buildings across the US. Tenants use the software to request services from property management and to track the progress on their requests. Building managers log the requests, assign them to the appropriate personnel, track the request through completion, and enter billing information. Building staff use the software to receive assignments, log the completion of work, and enter expense information. Property owners use the software to maintain complete visibility on property management activities in their buildings. External vendors can also use the system to receive assignments and acknowledge completion of work.

On the Product Management team, I had primary responsibility for user interface and usability issues, but the team typically worked collaboratively on a number of simultaneous projects, with each member taking the lead on one or more projects and guiding each project from requirements to release. Consequently, I consulted with team members (and users) on virtually all UI questions that arose across the application, but I also had complete responsibility for the entire development life cycle on my projects.

A significant achievement during my term at Workspeed was the development of a complete new help system. The old system, written quickly for the original release of the product (over a year before I started), consisted of several extremely long pages of HTML text, and much of the content was out of date. The new system featured helpful navigation aids, extensive visual references, and a comprehensive re-writing of the documentation, including screen reference and procedures.

I was also a key member on the development team for the Preventive Maintenance module, a business-critical component of the Workspeed application suite. Although the Service Request module stood head and shoulders above all competitors in functionality, the company was facing sales resistance in the marketplace because our product lacked functionality in the area of preventive maintenance. I took over leadership of this project in mid-stream, when a colleague left the company, and I followed it through to final release.
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