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I have drawn since childhood.

Although highly trained in the verbal arts,
I constantly strive to replace many words
with a few good pictures.

Filling the Page with Pictures...
Value Proposition Economical communication with the short-hand wit and wisdom of a cartoonist's approach. Although my rendering styles can vary from cartoony to realistic, the underlying principle is to quickly deliver the strongest message with fewest strokes.
  • Pencil sketches, marker comps, and storyboards
  • Pen & ink drawings: technical or comic
  • Painting: all media
  • Digital imagery: Photoshop, Illustrator, and more!
  • Instruction: drawing principles, graphics software
Examples Listed below

A portfolio of illustrations available for view online


When faced with a blank page, I always found it easier to fill it with pictures than with words. A career was born.

I drew comic strips from elementary school through college. I painted portraits. I consorted with underground cartoonists and drew a strip for the Berkeley Barb. I drew motorcycles and flowers for t-shirts. I drew Army tanks and anti-aircraft missiles for instructional slides. I drew charts and graphs for Bechtel. I drew maps for Chevron. I drew storyboards for video and multimedia. I drew consumer products. I drew advertising comps. I painted logos. I created editorial illustrations in various media.

Equally at home with a pencil, pen, paintbrush, or mouse, if it can't be communicated with words alone, I can always do it with pictures.

Advertising Product Illustration
Illustration for Packaging
Event Logo
Retail Display Header
Retail Sales Display
Promotional Merchandise
Sales Flyer Layout

3D package rendering for advertising agency
Artwork for retail package concept
Commemorative patch for bicycle race
Marker comp of branded header for sales promotion
Marker comp of retail sales fixture with merchandise
Marker comp of special promotional offer
Marker comp of back-to-school flyer for Sanrio
Cartoons Learning Apron
Piano Player
Happy Sax

Marker comp for educational children's product
Illustration for poetry video
Cartoon character for animation

Corporate Black Mountain Spring Water
Duarte Design
Michael Munn
Logo for premium spring water brand
Icons for Apple corporate presentation
Illustration of quality management framework
Logo for saxophone repair shop

Editorial Two Shoes
Magazine Icons
Corporate Report

Illustration for children's book
Illustrations for Macuser magazine article
Portrait of Susan Sarandon
Illustration for annual report

Technical Illustration How It Works
Line Art

Cutaway technical rendering for marketing brochure
Conceptual rendering for technical marketing
To see an extensive selection of non-digital product and instructional line drawings, please schedule a portfolio review.
References Available upon request
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