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It's not enough to have a good idea.

To bring it to fruition, you must communicate clearly to achieve consensus and incite to action.

Living by Our Words. . .
Value Proposition Organize and understand the subject matter in order to clearly synthesize and summarize the essential, actionable issues. Speak in the language of the audience.
  • White papers, conference proceedings, articles
  • Internal communications, including newsletters and intranets
  • Advertising/marketing copy
  • Sales and project proposals
  • Technical publications, specifications, and documentation
Examples Published works
Sales & marketing
Internal communications

Books, articles, white papers
Catalog and ad copy
Proposals, specifications


As an English major at Columbia, I absorbed the classics and established a lasting frame of reference, studying with distinguished scholars like F.W. Dupee, Edward Said, and George Stade.

My youthful ambition was to be a graphic novelist, and that pursuit led me into a lengthy career in graphic arts. My facility with words was never far from the surface, however, and my graphic design business soon expanded to include many writing and editorial services, including catalog copy, product naming, and newsletter content.

My most significant body of work was produced for the Council for Continuous Improvement. CCI was a consortium founded by Motorola, IBM, and other major corporations for the purpose of sharing knowledge about quality management issues. CCI held quarterly conferences that featured topical presentations and workshops, and my job was to write the Proceedings for each conference, documenting the contents and events of each session. On behalf of CCI, I also contributed regular articles to The Total Quality Review, a professional journal for quality management.

As a software consultant, I continued writing, providing documentation and training materials for Siebel software implementations as well as publishing a reference book on JavaScript and reference card for HTML.

As product manager at Workspeed, I wrote the online Help material for their web application for commercial property management.

I am currently under contract to Contra Costa County Health Services, where I am writing the documentation for the applications developed by the Information Services Department.

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